I am The Orlando Gray

usa-49909_640Expect greatness. That’s all there is to it. I want you to expect greatness from me. I may half-ass my editing from time to time, but that is because I’m a busy person. Unless you know of an editor that’s good at what he/she does and is cheap than accept the blessing that is my writing.

My name is The Orlando Gray. My name is my title and I will show you I am worthy of this title. I will show you in my blogs and in my books that I am as great as I say I am. How great am I? I’m as great as I can be considering where I currently am in my life. I’m growing greater daily.

As a writer, I can offer you many things through my words. And if you reading this I want gain the things that I can offer you. What I can offer you is a great story. Let me rephrase that. What I am offering you is great stories. I’m no one hit wonder and I put my heart and soul into each serious piece of work of mine.

My stories are suspenseful, thought provoking, tear jerking, educational, they will bring out a new side to you, they will command you to share it with others. These are just a few things myself and others have felt after reading my work. And I have not shown them my best material.

These are good things, but it isn’t the only thing my story offers. Not by a long shot will that be everything to my stories. I wish I could show you, but currently I’m in the kitchen cooking. Once I finish my dish I’ll serve it to on a platter of greatness. I have high expectations for myself and my stories so take my word seriously.

If you were intrigued with what you had heard, then sign up to my mailing follow me. Either on Twitter or Facebook or even on this blog. I won’t disappoint you. If you were not pleased with what I have written here then don’t like it. If you don’t trust my word then don’t trust me. But follow me and see where it leads. See where my work will take you. If anything you will have the satisfaction of telling all my followers I’m a crap writer. So give me, The Orlando Gray, a shot.

Now that I told you what I will give to you, I want you to give me something now. I want you to comment. Not just comment, but tell me what you want to see. I want to know what you want in an author. I have my own agenda so I won’t listen to every request. But at least you will have the opportunity to have your voice heard by your next favorite author.

This is just the beginning of my journey. This post marks the very first in a series. I’m still growing and learning as a writer. You are lucky to catch me at the beginning of my journey. Because from here on out all you are going to see is purification. Purification in my writing, my character and in my ability to service you. Just remember, don’t take your eye off me until I give you permission. Because my goal as a writer is to see you move past me as if I was just a phase. You’ll understand what this mean in the future.


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