Ready to Read The OG!

people-always-wear-a-mask-1058738I’ve been attending a summit called Self Publishing Success Summit. Awesome people learn from other awesome people. And so far Chandler Bolt is the most awesome starting it.

Anyway, one of the things I took from this summit is to not write my book. What! The Orlando Gray, who calls himself a writer, isn’t going to write! Not much of a writer then. Am I right? Calm down. Calm down. Don’t worry. I’m going to write my many titles. But first I need to build my audience, I need to build trust with you. My book will not be the first thing you see, but you will see something from me. I’ve decided that I am going to write for you in a genre that’s questionable. On a topic that’s awesome. In a sea of crap that flooded with porn in the form of words.

Have you guessed what it is yet? It’s not hard to guess if you read it. Personally I’ve tried to read it and it made me sick to my stomach. Literally. I nearly threw up. And now I’m writing it. Just no porn, less crap and more story. Because that is what I’m about. I am going to write Fan Fiction. Not a genre I heavily embrace, but a genre that could be fun to write.

I’m going to write Fan Fiction of The Walking Dead. I hate the TV Show and if you hate me because of that then bite me. I love the game. So I’m going to write a story with characters from the game. I loved the relationship between Clementine and Lee. It was strong. It felt authentic. It made me want to shed a tear. But I am a man! A manly man! Too much of a man to cry over 1s and 0s. The story was awesome, until Season Two.

Season 2 did not have the same effect on me as Season 1. I hated Kenny on Season 1, but on Season 2 he seemed more reasonable. Though, they tried to make him out to be this sort of lunatic after losing his family. Then there is Carver. He was supposed to be the bad guy, but he was my third favorite in the game. He is supposed to be this sort of bad guy that’s a menace to the main characters. He had his faults, but he had higher standards. I noticed he didn’t allow the people in his group to drink or smoke which is fine by me. I mean be honest. If you want to survive a zombie apocalypse should you be doing either of the two? Being intoxicated makes you more vulnerable to random attacks and smoking slows you down and it makes it harder to build stamina. Carver had a fair view of trust. You could see it when he was talking to Clementine. I don’t believe in an eye-for-an-eye, but was it unreasonable for Carver to kill Walter because Kenny killed one of his guys? I admit going on a search to the ends of a zombie infested world for a girl is insane. It’s selfish to his men and it’s stupid. But doesn’t love make us all do stupid things? Scratch that. Doesn’t it make all of you do stupid things? I try my best not to fall in love. It’s kind of romantic that he went through all the trouble to make sure his baby and baby momma were safe. Rebecca cheated on Alvin with Carver and got pregnant. He didn’t have to care or take responsibility. But he did. He was a man about it. He owned up to what he did by taking action, he wanted to take responsibility. And in the end he got beaten to death by Kenny with a crowbar. Granted Carver did beat Kenny with a radio Clementine stole. And he beat Kenny up over the stolen radio. Like I said, the man isn’t perfect.

What I am going to write is what happens next. I’ve seen all the ending for Season 2 and the one ending for Season 1. I’ve played both games more than three times. Now I’m going to write what happens next using the decisions I made with my first walkthrough. I killed Lee and I killed Kenny. I know. I know. I’m a bastard. I had to stop watching that terrible show – South Park – because it is bad. Anyway, hopefully, sometime next week I will write the first post on I will also create a website for it too. I’ll post the link on here once I get started.

Like the game series, my series will have five episodes. If you ever played sections of the game you will notice that it has chapters. Mine will be broken into chapters, but I will aim to put in all into one post. Hmm no. I’ll break it up. One Chapter a week, maybe two if I’m generous. By doing that I will be able to post the first chapter tomorrow. Be ready because tomorrow or the day after tomorrow your eyes will be greeting my story. Once they do you are bound to fall in love.

Well, love ya. If you want to support me subscribe.

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