What Have I Done

so-tired-1440121          So it begins. Last night, or if you’re picky, this morning I posted the very first post of my… huh, Fan Fiction. Not my favorite subject, but my goal is to build an audience first. If you are already a Fan then you are my new best friend. I even have a forum for my fans that you can visit. You can follow this link here to visit it. Yeah, then there is the Fan Fiction. You can view it here. That’s right I kept my word. I created a website for my Fan Fiction. Soon as I get some money and a published book I am going to utilize paid URLs. So bear with the .whatever for now.

I guess writing every day helped my consistency because I am willing to put more than one post out a week. Possibly five. No promises though. This story isn’t mine. A story I’m not even being paid for. It might just end up being the length of a book by the time I’m finished with it. So enjoy it as it develops. Funny. In that way, it’s kind of like a TV show, except with words.

I have no idea what to write. This was supposed to be an update, but I want it to last a longer. To bide my time, how about I go on a rant. How about I talk about something neither of us cares about for the heck of it. Yeah, I got an idea.

Writing a successful story is stressful and time consuming. Not many people are willing to endure and press on to the finish line. Success is an uphill battle. And along that road you will find enemies more often then you will find friends. Along this road, you will be walking amongst shadows. Shadows of them that tried and could not make it. Or completed the book, but is still unsuccessful and unheard of.

The secret to publishing success begins in the mind. You need to tell yourself that what you are writing is meaningful. You need to tell yourself “This has meaning and it would be worthwhile if I write it.” You need to tell yourself that you will succeed and you will make an impact.

The reason people don’t make it to where you are is because if fear. People have tried to make in impact through writing and failed. People have looked upon these failures and they tell themselves “That could be me.”

As you travel this road you will see many people who weren’t up to the challenge. Carcasses of those who surrendered and died down. This should be your inspiration. You should see it as an achievement that you have got further than this person or that person. Because now you are one more step closer to success. But you aren’t simply looking to get further you are looking to finish.

How do you know when you are on the right path? Where do go to ensure that? Many will love you because of your success. But the majority will hate you because of it. They hate you because your success makes them feel insufficient. You remind them of their failure and you force them to revisit it. But that’s their problem. They fail and to them that failure is what stood out and they never revisited it. That is the difference between publishing success and failure.

Failure will always emerge in our lives. The difference being the winner gets back up and does it again and again. Until, eventually, it goes his/her way.

And when you are down the path to success and you are all alone, you start asking yourself. “Am I on the right path?” “How can I know I am moving toward the right direction?” And you’ll know when you are creating long lasting happiness. Even long lasting happiness for yourself.

Listen to this! It is not a title that makes you. It is not success that makes you. Your character defines your success, defines your fame and it starts with you. NY Times best-sellers aren’t won by luck alone. Sufficient success is earned by thousands of hours of writing, of learning, of reading, when everyone else is sleeping. That’s when it’s won.

The light bulb of a successful writer is always on. It doesn’t go on and off even when you are out in ideas. It’s constant. Success is how you look at writing if your name is attached to it. You look at it and you know that you have to do it right. You take every writing project and you do it right every single time.

And if victory has defeated you, may I mind you of something. You adopted the dark. Meaning that you wrote in the dark and got better in the darkness of fame or obscurity. You were shaped by the dark and molded by the dark. That’s why introverts are more powerful than they fear to realize. Some of you reading this was born in the dark, but now you’re soft. Every time a challenge faces you, you surrender. You give up and give in.

Every single struggle I’ve been through I draw from it. And I write about it. Every single time I am in pain I remember that life has always been that way, even as a kid. Now I draw from it. Recycle and write about your pain. Get something from it. You are already in pain. So why not use it. Why not do something with it. Allow your pain to take you to that next level. Allow your pain to push you to greatness.

Success can mess you up. You can become so successful that now you are soft. If that’s the case then your success has not benefitted you. You have not grown as a result of being successful. You lost that bite, you are not hungry for it anymore. Your success is damaging you. Are you hearing me? Some of you may have been knocked out by reality. Once you realized it you cry and blame it on the ones who opened your eyes. Sometimes it’s important to meet that light with a fist in the form of a pen.

Success in writing isn’t easy. Nobody is going to give you success. No one is going to serve you success. If you are willing to work for it. Putting all the hours and putting all the rounds of emotions into it. If you are willing to earn it. Then, maybe you will be successful. But no one is going to give away busy. Busy is never on sale.

Honesty time. I stole all of this if you hadn’t noticed. I stole it from one of my favorite motivational videos. You can view it for yourself here. It’s a pretty awesome video. I actually have it downloaded. So watch it and be motivated about whatever.


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