In Game Conflict. Does it Matter?

tv-game-1251555Today I am going to write about games. Particularly conflict. Just so you know beforehand, this is all just opinion and I’m not a serious gamer. That reminds me, a few days ago some guys thrashed me for not taking FanFiction seriously. Seriousness is a problem of mine I guess. But I promise you! This writing thing is as serious as breathing! I’ll get more into my FanFiction later.

Anyway, I like to play games. I usually play strategic games. However, when you are playing by yourself it can get boring. That’s why I play online. Sometimes. I mainly play Yu-Gi-Oh! GX on my PPSSPP.

Recently, I’ve been playing this online game called Anime Pirate. It’s one of those games where you pick a server, take on a character and do whatever. It’s a decent game. However, I find the ‘sexy’ imagery an eyesore. It’s not completely their fault. The game is based off of One Piece. I can’t blame them for the character designs. Wait…

Conflict! Earlier today there was some conflict on one of the servers I play on. Two players – who I’m just going to name Dumb and Dumber for comical reasons – were arguing about something. I’m not completely sure why they were arguing, but I understand this. Dumb beat Dumber in a pirate duel and Dumber got angry. Dumb retaliated by calling Dumber a B.I.T.C.H. It was dumb. I joined in this open discussion and tried to at least get Dumb to stop calling Dumber a bitch. It was to no avail.

Funny fact, another player – who I will call Awesome – stopped the argument by telling them both to shut up.  Awesome stated he was stronger than the both of them. If you’d look at his stats he was weaker than both of them. But the awesome thing about it is that they both shut-up. And then Dumber started it back up again.

My character name is TheOrlando– for the sake of silly names, I will name myself Coward. I tried to stop it, but I didn’t want to turn into a preacher. I would have if I felt compelled to, but it’s not like they were face-to-face killing each other. And other players stepped in to end this nonsense. Of course Coward ended it. He told Dumb to be the bigger man –though Coward should have said person since one of them was a girl – and Dumber stopped posting almost completely.

Now, after six useless paragraphs let’s get to the topic at hand. Does in-game conflict matter? When it comes to competition there will always we conflict.  Does it matter? Yes, it does. However, there are some thins to consider.

Everybody hurts. Some people, like me, may not always show it, but everyone hurts. Words have a powerful effect on people. In the spirit of competition, it’s okay to trash talk each other. The issue is when trash talk isn’t perceived as fun or harmless play. And it’s never good when trash talk evolves to threats and even harsh words. Keep trash talk PG and keep it in the spirit of competition.

Drama can break a community apart. Let me tell you drama sucks. Who would want to stay in a place where people are arguing constantly? If you say yes to this then talk to me. I’ll counsel you. Anyway, if you’re playing a game and someone is always arguing or complaining wouldn’t you get annoyed? If you would why wouldn’t the people hearing you argue get annoyed as well? If you’re angry than go for a walk to let off steam. Try dancing.

It’s just a game. Seriously, it’s not that important. Friendly competition is great and all but there is a limit to how far you should go. You shouldn’t get mad because you lost. Get better and that’s only if it’s worth it to you.  I’m pretty sure gaming isn’t your livelihood. If you can’t do this ask yourself ‘What am I getting out of the game?’ If it ain’t much then stop gaming all together. Start a new hoby. Preferably outside. You will save money and perhaps be a little more healthy.

Until next time. This has been, The Orlando Gray.


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