Episode 1 Completed

street-spirit-1437896I could have written this post yesterday or even the day before, but I didn’t. I needed a break from writing so I took one. Now I’m back on the grind. I didn’t even enjoy a full day of rest. Who cares, I’ll enjoy my day of rest on Saturday. Until then I’ll bear the burden of work.

The first episode of my FanFiction of The Walking Dead Game is finished. Let’s recap on the events so far. Howe’s Warehouse was taken over by bandits. Clementine, along with residents of Howe’s, escaped. Almost as quick as someone died someone new joined their group. This new member name was Paul. Paul Everett, cousin to Lee Everett.

In a car accident,  Brandon flew head first into a tree and died on impact. Bandits chased after them causing Clementine and Alvin Jr. to be separated from the rest the rest of the group. Clementine realized how hard it was to survive on her own and decided she needed to find her friends. She ran into Paul who led her and AJ to a cabin where the rest of the group resided.

After only a few days, their location was  compromised forcing them to leave. The group successfully escaped creating 10 hours of distance between the two groups. When they stopped to rest they were found. The kidnappers offering to let the men go free if the females stay willingly. Not being given much choice they agreed. Amber, Jules, and Clementine are now prisoners to an all male group.

Oh snap! Boring chapter after boring chapter we get a decent twist. I know my writing isn’t the best, but bear with it. I’m still experimenting with my style. I’m going to take a week off writing this to perfect my writing. I’ll start posting again on August 19. And if you’re late then this year is 2015. I’ll be back and with better writing. That’s guaranteed.

During this week, I will be doing several things. For starters, I’m starting my next writing project. I’m beginning production of my first book. BOOM! I said it! My first book. It’s going to be a short Fantasy Fiction novel, only with no zombies. If you want to see more zombies from me wait for my next book. You can stay up-to-date about my first novel here. 

I’m going to be expanding the reach of my Fan Fiction. Not only do I have a website for my Fan Fiction, but it’s also on FanFiction.net. On August 19 it will also be on AO3 (Archive of Our Own) with an updated first chapter. 

I think that about covers everything you need to know. Well… I guess… Okay. After I finished writing my short novel and do all the editing and junk, I’ll give it away free on this site. Be warned. After three days the link will be taken down, then the book will we be posted on Amazon for $0.99. Not a steep price at all. You can support me by writing an honest review once you read my book. Thank’s a lot you guys and gals for reading my scripts. No! I mean for reading my stories. Now I’m busy.

Before you go, what was your favorite part about Episode 1? What were your highlights? What did you like least about my Fan Fiction? More important, what more do you want to know about my new book?

If you want to read my Fan Fiction you can read it here at TheOGFanFiction.Wordpress.com


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