What an Inspector Gadget Remake Should Look Like

If I was in animation and had the chance to create my version of Inspector Gadget, I would give audiences the same stuff with a different smell. In just about every episode, Gadget would face off against Doctor Claw. Penny and Brain will do all the real work for Gadget. Gadget chase Brain around. Chief Quimby explodes in every episode. And there will be a take-home message at the end of each episode only better fo the times. What I would do to make the show different is give it a story.

I write stories for a living so I can’t help it. In each episode, there would be something linking it to the last episode. One of the changes I would make would be at the end when Quimby thanks Gadget. Either before or after thanking him he would thank Penny and Brain, our real heroes. No one should be so oblivious. Another change I would make is Claw and Penny. When watching an episode of Inspector Gadget Claw acknowledged that Gadget is an idiot. I would make him competent enough to see that Penny is the one ruining all of his plans and he would give her and brain the same treatment as Gadget, elimination. All in a comical way, nothing too brutal.

In the 2015 reboot, Claw had a boy henchman who happened to be his nephew. I would keep that in my version. There also was a guy who built new equipment for Penny. I would have a similar character, but he would have a different role. His role being to built upon and improve Gadget. Making sure all of his Gadgets are in top shape at all times.

I don’t know what Dr. Claw nephew name in the 2015 version and even if I did who knows if I’d use it. So for the sake of this article I am going to name him Junior Claw. In the beginning, I would portray him as a nicer and smarter version of Dr. Claw. His main reason for being evil is his greed. Like many villains, he believes money can make him happy. He wants to travel the world and invent things he would consider using. He is also loyal to his blood and Dr. Claw is not only his uncle but his caretaker. Penny would find him charming and gradually she would fall for him and vice versa.

In my version, the story would be the same as always. Dr. Claw does something evil and Gadget stops him. This continues until Penny has several chances to not only win the day over Claw but also imprison Junior Claw. Penny lets Claw win sometimes for the sake Junior Claw which hurts Gadget rep.Newspapers and People began to question Gadget;s efficiency and Gadget begins wondering if he was losing his edge. The Chief would council Penny to see why Gadget’s edge was losing her edge.

Penny never felt pressured to cover for er uncle’s slack, but it was starting to build. Also, she did not understand her emotions which in turn angered her. With Gadget’s credit on the line and her feeling for the enemy grows she slips up on missions. On an assignment against Claw, she slipped up and Claw won the day. Media would eat up Gadget on the loss against Claw. Quimby knew things were getting out of hand. He looked at Penny and she looked back at him and he tipped his hat and walked away. The age of Inspector Gadget was ending.

Penny felt defeated and she saw that the media was tearing apart her uncle revealing him for the buffoon he is. She stepped in the spotlight and defended her uncle saying he was trying his hardest but in the end it was her who couldn’t get the job done. The media perceived that as an incompetent inspector relied on the efforts of a little girl, his niece no less, to solve all of his cases. They deemed Gadget irresponsible. CPS threatened to take Penny away from him.

Inspector Gadget does some investigating about these accusations by talking to Penny. She reveals to him that it is Brain and her who solve his cases while he is being Inspector Gadget. He realizes how useless he is and vows to become a better inspector. Gadget is fired from the police force but still pursues cases involving M.A.D. because he has wants to show Penny he isn’t a complete idiot. The guys I mentioned earlier that invents stuff for Gadget keeps Gadget in the loop on M.A.D. activity.

At first Penny still is the one solving the investigation, but Gadget gradually gets better each episode. He knows Penny likes to solve his cases and he knows he allows her to do so. He still cannot tell the difference between Brain and a  M.A.D. agent. But he can tell if someone is trying to kill him. He finds ways to act like an idiot, hurt the person who seeks to harm him, and as always avoid being hurt. Gadget is rehired by the police force and he is more apt to give Penny and Brain credit for his investigations.

Dr. Claw would realize that it is harder to run his operations with Inspector Gadget on the case. He would become more vicious and more creative. His anger would grow in size as well. Junior Claw would have had enough of being the one to carry out his uncle’s dark deeds than be the one who is punished when they fail. He would vanish.

Claw would become more like Eggman in the sense that he would send robots to do his bidding. Dr. Claw will hire three new villains who will become notable throughout the series to take Junior Claw’s place. These villains with their own skill sets and personalities would be just as ruthless as the new Dr. Claw. They would control the robots to carry out Claw’s bidding. The bad guys wouldn’t get too far in their schemes. Claws murderous plans would not be too obvious. Got to keep it PG.

Inspector Gadget will think his missions are too dangerous for Penny and try to get her to stop helping him. In the end, she helps him anyway. Brain gets an upgrade and new tech which allows him to protect his allies better. Gadget has him accompanying Penny instead of Penny having him assist Gadget.

Junior Claw comes back in a stereotypical bad guy outfit and character. He comes back jealous of Penny for having friends and family who love her opposed to him having Claw as an uncle. He was raised to be who he was, a villain’s sidekick. He didn’t have a normal life like her. Junior fights against both Claw and Gadget only to lose against both sides. He cries out with anger when he fails to defeat Gadget and he is psychotic when he is close to defeating Claw. In other words, he is a complex villain with problems.

Penny tries to get Junior to see things with logic. That he doesn’t have to be what he was raised to be. Junior thinks he has no other choice. It what he was raised around. Penny parents came to town and takes Penny away thinking things were too dangerous for her to be around Gadget. She disagrees, but in the end she leaves. Gadget sends Brain with her to protect her. There were times she did need saving and Brain did his job.

Gadget has trouble fighting Claw and Junior, but he finds ways. The Chief offers to find him a partner but Gadget refuses claiming he’s not ready for a new partner yet. Junior feels betrayed when he discovered Penny left so he goes after her with bad intentions. While fighting Junior Claw, Gadget saves Penny and Brain, but Junior was caught in an explosion as a consequence. Penny is mad with Gadget because he didn’t do anything to save him. Soon after she forgives him. She stays by Junior’s side in the hospital. He was covered and scars and burns, but most notably one of his arms was burned bad. When he woke up and saw Penny he was sane again. He was practically unharmed. Minor burns covered his body except his arm which was wrapped in bandages. When he saw it he cried out realizing what he was becoming. From that moment, he decided to become good.

Screwing the law, instead of him going to jail or a mental hospital, he get a second chance. He starts to wear a leather glove to cover his entire burnt arm. Junior and Penny gets to know each other and they are happy together. He goes back to being sane. Penny gets to move back in with Gadget and be his sidekick again. Junior is adopted by Quimby.

It would be hard, but not too difficult, to make this like the old Inspector Gadget and still new and creative. Kids don’t care too much about character development, but older people do. This will need jokes and I’m not the best jokester. Though Inspector Gadget comedy was more in how stupid Gadget was. In story jokes would be better than jokes in dialog.

I quit. That’s all I feel like writing. Over 1500k words of an idea that will never get realized. If this is too violent for a kids show don’t blame me. I grew up watching Teen Titans, KND, Ninja Turtles, Billy and Mandy along with other violent shows. And the environment I was raised in wasn’t the best either.

If you like the idea post a kudos. If you dislike then post a criticism. Share down below what your thoughts. What parts of this idea do you believe work or doesn’t work? What would you change or add? Post your ideas and comments below.


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