Prologue to my First Book

smiley-1309084I know. I know. I said I was going to give you the entire book free for three days once I finished writing it. I didn’t change my mind. I was just so excited that I couldn’t wait to share the prologue with you. Or at least a draft. This is nowhere near close to being the final copy. My writing is a lot better than this once I put more time into it. And I still need to write the entire book. 

Wow, all I can see is ‘I’ in that last paragraph. Anyway, read it, like it and comment below. I can’t wait to give you the entire book once it is finished. Love ya.


Adalyn: Diego your back!

Kimberly: Kids go play. I’ll be back to check on you soon.

Diego: Okay mom.

Adalyn: Okay mom.

Kimberly smiled at the two then walked off. Adalyn grabbed Diego’s hand then ran into the playroom.

Adalyn: Come on! Come on!

Adalyn was excited. Her face lit up with a huge smile. It had been several months since she last saw Diego. Now that he was visiting she could play with him again. When they entered the playroom it was empty. They could hear the other kids through the window. They were playing at the playground.

Diego: We should go outside with everyone else. I don’t want to get in trouble.

Adalyn: Big brother, we got the whole playroom to ourselves.

Diego: Were not supposed to be in here.

His words were wasted on her. She ran off into the playroom gazing upon the mountains of toys. The games they could play in there were endless. And they didn’t have to share with anyone.

There is a closet near the playroom filled with old Halloween costumes, costumes used in plays and wigs. Adalyn went inside. When she emerged she was wearing a pirate hat.

Adalyn: Let’s dress up and play family.

Diego: We always play that game and we don’t have enough players. Besides, I want to go outside.

She went back inside the playroom to find something else to wear. Diego smiled wondering what she would put on next. He looked at the window and watched the other kids as they played. Other kids were running around, swinging, on the jungle gym, and even spinning round and round on the merry go round. When they lost his attention he looked at the closet door wondering what was taking Adalyn so long.

Diego: Adalyn come out. What’s taking you so long?

He got no answer. He wasn’t at an angle where he could peek inside, but he couldn’t hear her shuffling through clothes either. Diego wondered what she was doing inside that room.

Diego: Adalyn? If you don’t say anything I’ll come in.

Diego walked toward the closet at a slow pace. He knew sometimes she liked to play pranks on him. He was ready for a scary mask if that was her game. As he approached the door he felt a tap on his shoulder. He jumped out of his shoes and immediately he turned around. It was a masked figure draped in a dark robe.

Masked Figure: I’ve come to reap your soul!

Diego: Ahh!

Diego tried running backwards, but he tripped. He fell onto his feet and hands. When looking up at the figure he noticed that it stood 5’4”. The same height as Adalyn.

Diego: Adalyn take that mask off! I know it’s you!

The masked figure took its mask off and just as he assumed, it was Adalyn. A ten-year-old girl with a huge smile plastered on her face.

Diego: Why did you scare me?

Adalyn: I was building memories.

Diego: Memories?

Adalyn: Now we both share this memory.

Adalyn stretched out an arm. Diego rested his arms and he fell on his butt. He reached and grabbed Adalyn’s arm and she helped him up. When he was back on his feet he had more to say.

Diego: Adalyn, we build memories every day.

Adalyn: But it’s not every day I get to build memories with you.

Adalyn extended her arms and grabbed both of his elbows.

Diego: Adalyn, what do you have planned?

Diego extended his arms and grabbed both of her elbows.

Adalyn: I told you, we play family.

Adalyn grabbed hold of him and led him inside the closet.

Adalyn: This time I’ll be the mom and you’ll be my son.

The closet was unorganized. Few clothes were on the hangers. Most of the clothes were in a pile on the floor. Adalyn sorted through it all and found items she liked. She picked out a cap and red shirt and she handed it to Diego.

Adalyn: Put these on.

Diego took the clothes and left the doorway. He made sure she wasn’t in sight before he began changing. While in the closet Adalyn looked for a decent mother’s attire. She found a long dress with flowers. She felt that that was appropriate for the role. Now all she needed was a wig and all the wigs were kept in a plastic bin in that closet. It was in sight and in reach so she grabbed and searched through it. The wig she had chosen was short and gray. Also, it parted both ways in the front.

Diego: Are you almost ready? I’m dressed.

Adalyn: I’ll be right out.

She quickly dressed herself and rushed back into the playroom. She didn’t want to keep Diego waiting. She smiled and looked at him as he came her way.

Diego: So mom, what do we do first?

Adalyn: We make this a memorable game.

Diego: How do we do that?

Adalyn passed him. She moved past him and went to a play tea set on a table. She cleared the table of tea cups and emptied the chairs of stuffed animals.

Adalyn: Take a seat. It’s time for lunch.

Diego went and he took a seat at the little table. Adalyn left the room and left Diego confused. He sat there wondering what she was up to.  Their visit was spontaneous so she couldn’t have known they were coming. She couldn’t have prepared actual food. Then he thought to himself perhaps she was getting juice opposed to tea. He knew she knew he found tea odd tasting. When she came back into the room she came back with a plate. On the plate was a muffin.

Adalyn: I hope you’re hungry.

Diego: Where did you get that?

Adalyn: Someone donated ovens for kids. I got to make one today and I want you to eat it.

Diego: That’s… wow. Thank you Adalyn.

She sat the plate in front of his face then sat in a chair across from him. She stared at him with her big adorable eyes and a happy smile across her face.

Diego: Here I go.

Diego picked up the muffin and felt its warmness. He took a small bite out of it for taste. Immediately after taking his first bites Adalyn asked him a question.

Adalyn: Do you like it?

Diego: Yes, it’s perfect.

His speech and facial expression betrayed him. In all manner of truth, he found the muffin a disaster. It was dry, it was too salty and it was too sweet. In spite of the taste, he kept a straight face. He had no outward reaction what so ever. In his mind, he was puking.

Adalyn: That’s great! Yesterday was my first time baking and it was a disaster. The first muffin was black but I ate it and it was disgusting. It gave me a tummy ache. The other girls thought I was trying to kill myself when I ate it. They’re so mean! I’m glad you like it.

Diego smiled at her and continued to eat his muffin. He loved his sister energy and although he didn’t like her cooking he could tolerate it. Every bite of the muffin he ate, Even the crumbs dropped on the plate.

Diego: Delicious. That was great.

Adalyn: Thank you big brother. I’ll make one just for you every time you visit me.

Diego smiled at her. He was happy to have an adorable younger sister like Adalyn.

Diego: So mom, what’s next?

Adalyn: You can help me with my homework.

Diego: Math again.

Adalyn: Math is evil! It’s the enemy.

Diego: Alright, show me.

She reached into her pocket and took out a folded sheet of paper. She unfolded it and the paper was filled with math questions. All the problems were times and only problems timesed by 0, 1, and 2 were filled out.

Diego: Sit next to me so I can help you. This seems simple enough.

Adalyn grabbed a chair and placed it next to his.

Adalyn: Simple! You’ve did it before. It’s not hard for you.

Diego: It’s no harder than doing division.

Adalyn: So division is hard to!

Diego placed the paper between them. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his trusty pen.

Diego: Look at this problem right here.

He pointed at the equation 16×4.

Diego: They set these problems up in a way that make it easier for you. You notice how the four is under the sixteen.

Adalyn: Yeah.

Diego: You need to find out how many times four goes into one and six. If you break up sixteen into one and six it’s easier. Just look. Four times six equals?

Adalyn: hold on.

Adalyn added up the numbers with her fingers. Diego waited patiently for her. He glared at the paper remembering the time he struggled with similar equations. Now because of his perseverance he gets to help someone important to him.

Adalyn: Twenty-four.

Diego: Good job. Now look.

Diego took his pen and wrote four below the six in sixteen and four. He also drew a two above the one in sixteen.

Diego: I added a two up here and a four down here. Do you know why?

Adalyn: It’s twenty-four but I don’t know why you did it like that.

Diego: What does one times four equal?

Adalyn: Four.

Diego: Two plus four?

Adalyn: Six.

Diego put the six underneath the line next to the four. He looked at Adalyn to see if she understood.

Adalyn: That wasn’t hard.

Diego: You should ask the teacher for help. And I’m sure you have friends here who knows this just as well as I do.

Adalyn: I wish we could go to school together. Than you can help me with all of my homework.

Diego: That might be possible. My mom and I plan to move closer to here so that may be possible.

The door to the playroom opened. Diego and Adalyn looked at the surprised lady coming in and knew her as Mrs. Bell.

Mrs. Bell: What are you kids doing in here? Go outside and play with the other kids. I thought this door was locked.

Mrs. Bell mumbled her last sentence to herself. Adalyn rose, grabbed Diego’s hand and ran past Mrs. Bell. She led him near the door all of the kids used to go outside. She let go of him at the door and looked at him as if to say something. She frowned than she looked down at the ground.

Adalyn: You said you were moving closer. Does that mean you can visit me more?

Diego: It does.

Adalyn: Good. Will your mom do better here?

Diego: She told me it’s cheaper here. But were still struggling.

Adalyn: I love you and mom, but I can’t wait until she really adopts me. I want to be your real sister. I’m tired of pretending.

There was a silence. Diego thought about what she said so he could formulate a decent response.

Diego: No one is pretending. You’re still my little sister whether my mom adopts you or not. Cheer up.

Diego took his finger and lifted up her chin. She kept her frown and tried not to look at him.

Diego: Let me see a smile.

Adalyn looked at him and smiled as a natural reaction.

Adalyn: I like this memory. Thank you Diego. I’ll never forget it.

Diego: So mom, what are we going to do next?

Adalyn: I’m taking you to the playground.

Adalyn grabbed his hand and rushed out the door to the playing grounds.


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