Cartoon Conspiracy Theory

steven_and_rose_by_eddysan_x-d8mczhbI’m going to make this quick. So this morning I was thinking about Channel Frederator and all the crazy cartoon conspiracy theories they have on their channel. I thought to myself “You know it’d be fun if I created my own wacky theory.” So I did.

My theory is on Steven Universe. A show I am quickly losing interest in. And my theory is what if Steven isn’t really Steven. What if Steven is really Rose Quartz? I came to this conclusion while questioning what is biologically possible.

We all know that Rose gave up her physical form to bring Steven into the world, but what if that isn’t accurate. A human cannot mate with an animal and produce. And as Amethyst and Steven has shown us Gems can turn into animals. Transgender men or women cannot mate with natural females or males and produce a child and as we know the Gems can switch between genders. Matter of fact, as stated in the Steven Universe wiki, Gems bodies are a projection of their Gemstone. It’s not real. They don’t bleed, they don’t need rest, or to urinate. How can they produce?

Now here is the theory part of it. What if sex was a poison to Gems and it gave them a pregnant like disease that after nine to ten months erases their memory and rebirth them as altered gems. If this is true, then that explains why it was never explained in the TV show. What I mean by that is how often do children cartoons explain the fascinating process of pregnancy or even Cartoon Network in general?

If this theory is true and Rose’s memory was erased, then that would explain why Steven sucked at using his gem at first. If human sperm altered Rose’s genetics than that would explain why she can fuse with Connie, a human, when no other Gem can. Even Pearl acknowledged that Steven is a lot like Rose and Lion took to him rather quickly. Has anyone on the show said that Steven is a like Greg? No. Steven knows how to play a variety of instruments like his dad, but that is an example of learned traits. Steven has all Rose’s powers granted he has healing spit and Rose has healing tears. And have you noticed his eyes and how they turn to stars sometimes. You would know that Rose does the same thing if you have watched the episode We Need to Talk.

There is tons more evidence I could add to support my theory, but I have places to go and things to do. I’ll let you real fanboys and cartoon theorist fill in the blanks. Later and don’t forget to follow this blog.


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