Meet Adalyn and Diego


Meet Adalyn and Diego, my two main playthings in my work-in-progress To Save a Life. I hope that after getting to know them, you’ll decide that you like them. Because they’ll be going through hell for my sick enjoyment.

Their journey together begins in an orphanage. Adalyn was an orphan who never allowed her status to put her down. She loved having the chance to play with so many kids. One of her favorite things to do was to make new friends. So when Diego and his mom visited the orphanage to make a donation, Adalyn was all too happy to guide them around. Adalyn was caught, then tasked with guiding Diego to the playground with the other kids. On the way, Diego scolded Adalyn for breaking the rules.

From that point on their relationship only grew. Adalyn being free-spirited, unorganized, and untraditional came into conflict with Diego who is predictable organized and traditional. Despite their differences, their relationship grew from a seed of love and respect.

As they grew older, Diego came to respect Adalyn for her ability to call people together to address social issues. Adalyn admired Diego’s leadership skills, charisma and his efforts to deal with political issues.

Adalyn does not have the resilience to finish a hard and long project when Diego does. Diego makes no effort to step out of his comfort zone which is something that comes naturally to Adalyn. Together they strengthen one another which also strengthens the roots to their relationship.

That’s why Diego was heartbroken on the day Adalyn was adopted. They thought of each other as siblings. Adalyn rose from lower class to filthy rich. The family who adopted her was the most powerful name in the kingdom. Although Adalyn didn’t move or change schools her parents made it harder for friends to visit. Diego had to forsake much and work for her parents to gain an audience with his dear younger sister.

Times were not easy for Adalyn or Diego and it only seemed to get worst. Adalyn was struck with a deadly and highly contagious disease known as Peccum. While everyone turned their backs to Adalyn and contemplated what to do with her in fear of their own lives, Diego made the decision to save her. There was rumored to be a man in a town not too far away with the power to cure this disease. Knowing she didn’t have much time, Diego clung to this information. With Adalyn on his back, Diego made the journey to meet this great physician.

This is where the story begins. To Save a Life will be my first book and I’m excited to write it. What’s even cooler is this book will be suitable for all ages. While I usually write about killing and death this story it… It actually has both, go figure. But it’s so toned down you don’t even see it. This story is pretty clean with a message of love. It teaches the reader to understand each other’s differences no matter how big. And this story teaches many more things.

If you enjoyed this please let me know what you think in the comments. Will you decide to support me by following my story?


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