My 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

fireworks-1573180This December, or at least mid way through it, I began jotting down my resolutions for the coming year. Some of them serious some of them insane, others I know I’m not going to do. I thought of everything in alphabetical order because I’m good like that. Anyway, look through them and tell me if you can tell which ones I was serious about and others I was messing around with.

My 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Avenge the Sith

The dark side should always win, duh. The Jedi are so 1977. The Sith are so 2016. George Lucas failed to recognize this so Star Wars fans criticize him for the prequels. In my opinion J.J Abrams need to get the boot for Episode 7. After watching it, I questioned if I was even watching a Star Wars flick. Harrison Ford made it feel like Star Wars, other than that, it wasn’t Star Wars.

Be an idiot and start new FanFic

The Walking Dead Game wasn’t my first idea for Fan Fiction. I have tones more. One of my favorite games is Wipeout Pulse. I’m thinking about writing one for that. The iconic image that I use of The Joker isn’t something I put up there just for show. I’m been thinking about writing Batman Fan Fiction, specifically about Harley Quinn. I have a favorite episode of Teen Titans that I want to expand upon. Yu-Gi-Oh was my favorite show growing up as a kid and I want to add value to it. Rewrite my favorite anime movie Air to my liking. The Joker once spent time with a girl named Ace and after looking her up I kind of like her. It would make me happy to give her a happy ending instead of her just dying next to Batman on a swing. I’m a story guy. I love to tell tales and to watch or read great ones. Mainly watch though. But I’m not going to get into animation in 2016. Maybe 2017.

Become vegan

This will be tuff. I grew up around meat. I’m hungry and am thinking about going to a taco shop right now. But my church is vegan. A decision they made because it is healthy. I guess it would be appropriate of me to make that healthy decision too.

Build an income writing and telling stories

I’ve studied this writing business long enough to know that if you are writing for money you aren’t going to get it. At least not most of the time. However, when you dedicate most of your time to reading and writing and teaching you best be earning an income. Sorry Fan Fiction, but you are going to have to wait. Daddy needs money to buy all of the religious books for his bible studies. And a new computer. Let’s not forget that. And a better space of living.

Build my email list to 10000 people

Yes, this is a goal I can totally accomplish in one year. I do not tremble what so ever at the challenge! My heart isn’t pounding hard right now! This is totally going to happen!

Buy a portable hard-drive

They aren’t really that expensive. And yet I can’t afford one. This will enable me to work wherever I’m at on any computer. Just as long as I don’t lose it. I better not lose it. Okay, buy a portable hard-drive and make sure that I do not lose it. And make sure it does not get stolen, or broken, or borrowed.

Buy new laptop

I really need a new laptop. Want to know how bad this laptop is I’m writing on? For one, it’s a desktop now. I’ve broken my laptop to the point that if I take the duck tape off, the whole thing would fall apart. I can’t even close it or else the laptop will fall apart. Somehow, the screen got cracked and the only way I can use it now is by hooking it up to a monitor. It’s time for a replacement. The money I earn comes from two different sources, one ain’t paying a lot and the other I haven’t seen a dime in earnings. Now it’s broken completely, and I have to edit this document elsewhere. Thank you flash drives for saving my writing career.

Clean my room

Paper and cords are everywhere! This is madness I tell you! Madness! And while I’m at it I need to clean the bathroom. That might be something I do even before the New Year’s.

Create my own music

I love music, but I’m too picky. Nothing is just right. I want to try my hand at creating my own crazy, yet, relaxing music. Something calm that I wouldn’t mind jamming to over and over again. I could share it with others.


One good year then just end it all. Haha NO!

Fill 10 books with new story ideas

Ten notebooks with new story ideas? Let me rephrase that. I only gave myself a minimum of ten notebooks where which I’ll jot down every little idea that pops out of my head? That cap should have been a little higher. Nevertheless, I’m up for the challenge.

Find a wife

My heart is pounding fast. What is this? Commitment! I’m getting dizzy. Why did I write this? I think I’m going to faint. Why did I write this? I can’t handle this pressure. My God, help my conflicted heart. Amen.

Find author voice

I thought I already have. Well-rounded, any yet still crazy. Perhaps this wasn’t a bad idea. I’ll get to rediscovering myself at once.

Find new music

My music is great in all, but I want more. You know what I’m saying. More! More! Bigger! Bigger! Better! Better! Something like that. Perhaps something that flows, some chill music. Music without drum and base and just cords and vocals. Like a melody. Peaceful music always calms my nerves and it helps me write and think and focus. Crap! Now I want to drink tea! And I hate the taste of tea!

Find new ways to connect with audience

When I began blogging and socializing with people I had no idea how to connect with people who may be interested in my writing. I started a 31 day writing challenge, a fan fiction a blog, a fan forum, and nothing seems to be working. If I’m planning to build an email list of 10000 people this is something I’m going to have to learn.

Finish Walking Dead Game Fanfic

I just want to get this over with. Once I’m finish I’m going to go back and do the editing I should have did because it’s rough. But a small community has built around it. And I don’t want to set myself up for failure. If I start a project I should be up to finishing it. And please ignore my incomplete writing challenge.

Finish writing To Save a Life

It would mean everything to me to finally hit publish for my first completed book! I’ve put in a lot of work for my book already. I haven’t begun writing it yet, because I’m still developing the world, the story and the characters. I’m a perfectionist, I may be here for another month or two. I hate it when writing gurus tell you not to be a perfectionist. Whenever I’m not, my writing suuuuuuuuucks! To all of you people who may be interested in reading a book written by me, hope for a March or April release.

Get wrote about on an online newspaper

I just think it would be awesome if during this year I get noticed by someone who ends up writing about me on an online news website. Rather I do or don’t it doesn’t matter. 2016 is going to be awesome! And my presence will have an impact.

Go 265 days without sleeping

With everything I want to do this year how can I waste a second under sheet!

Grow writing community 1000 members

I’m the admin of two writing sites: Amazing by Being and Fan Fiction Critiques. I want to grow them and communicate with other writers. I also have a community on Google+. I want to grow each one so that in total they surpass 1000 members.

Increase vocab 200 words

It needs to be done. My vocab needs more words. I get tired of reading my own work and noticing my small vocab. This is going to suck.

Kill the mouse

Why did I write this? Which mouse? Jerry? What was I watching when I wrote this? The mouse in the Simpsons? I don’t even have mice in my space of living. I have fat rats. Just kidding. I guess I’ll include a mouse in one of my stories just to kill it. I don’t understand? Was I reading Of Mice and Men again? Who knows.

Launch new website

It’s not a new website. I had the domain name registered for some time now. But I want to launch a religious website next year. I would have done it sooner if I had the time to prewrite articles for it. It took me three hour yesterday to write a six-page article for that site. Also, I’m busying writing my book, reading my bible, spreading the gospel, attending local classes and workshops, etc. Giving bible studies and studying my bible keeps me away from writing for days at times. Nevertheless, this is something that is very important to me.

Learn animation

I’m not going to do this. With all of these impossible tasks that’s going to keep me very busy. Fine! Maybe I’ll go to community college and sign up for a class.

Learn Hebrew

The bible is awesome. And I think it would be beneficial for me to learn Hebrew which will enable me to read the scriptures directly instead of from a translation. Even if the translations I read are accurate, it’s still important that I do this.

Learn more about marketing & business

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a businessman. Self-Publishing is a business of its own. I’ve read the books and the blog posts. I’ve watched the webinars and similar videos. I know how hard it’s going to be for me. Even if I may never use these business skills, I still want them.

Learn something new

Now I know why I said something, what will I learn? I’m learning lots of new things in the bible. Maybe I’ll learn something new in there. It’s funny. Just a year ago I was stuck in the book of Matthew because I found reading the scriptures boring. Now I’m going through it happily because it’s so much I can learn from them. Not only that, some of the things written therein are really funny and fun to think about.

Learn to draw

I always wanted to learn how to draw better. 2016 is the year to learn new things. I’m up for the challenge. It sounds really exciting. Plus there is someone special who I know is an excellent artist, painter, whatever. I want to be more like her.

Limit TV time to 5hrs a year

I hardly watch TV anyway. I get my news from the radio, I watch whatever would come on TV online. And then some. This won’t be that tuff.

Memorize 500 Bible verses

Did I say 500? I meant I’m out of my mind. But Jesus had the word of God hidden in his heart when the devil tempted him. I should too. This will be difficult.

Read 20 creative books

Readers are writers and I rarely read anything creative unless I’m reading to critique. I want to at least put twenty books under my belt that’s a creative work. It couldn’t hurt to read a book an hour a day.

Read 50 religious books

I’m already reading a really long one. If I ever finish that I should read other books surrounding the bible. I want to learn everything. That’s why I may not even read more than three creative books. Because it’s not as important as studying my bible and the books surrounding it.

Scrap the things I wasn’t serious about

This needs no more words.

Start my own rap group

I was bored okay! So I just wrote something. I can’t even rap.

Start a weekly short story blogging series for me blog

People seems to like my originals, so I should do more of them. I have this exceedingly long series in my head. This one story covers most of my three idea journals. I could get the boring stuff out of the way on my blog before getting to the real meat of the story. I should probably work on that too. Instead of giving you guys my best for free, I’m giving away the bare minimum.

Start on my next book

I’m by no means a one hit wonder! I want to write as many books as I am alive. I have many ideas in my three idea books. Just thinking about stopping now is making me depressed. Stop thinking it! It won’t happen!

Switch urls to my own domain

Did I say that right? Who cares? Anyway, I want to have my own domain. Switch from to Jeff Goins seems to be very sure that this is necessary.

Watch RWBY season 3

After season 2, I patiently watched for Season 3. But with Monty Oum dead I’ve been thinking will it still be the same show. RWBY is great, the only problem I have with it is that they have a guy wearing a dress. Also, I hate waiting for new episodes. I like watching old stuff because there is no wait. I can watch it to whatever my speed, whenever I feel like it.


One thought on “My 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Here is another one:

    Save up $200 for an MP3 Player. Why not IPods? Because they suck! I’m not spending $200 for a label. I remember my first IPod, and I hated it. I went to the store to buy an MP3, it had a screen, 8 gigs, radio, video capabilities,a pedometer, and the ability to add pictures. All it costed me was $15. On the other hand an IPod with no screen, 4 gigs, and none of the other abilities of my cheap MP3 costed over $40. I’m not paying for a logo.


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