​Updates and Announcements 5/4/2016

I hate the idea of this, but every week I will be giving you updates. I will let you know how far I am into the process of writing my book. Also, I will update you on other activities I am working on and what not. I dislike this because it forces me to be accountable.

The lucky day of the week for these updates will be Wednesday. I chose Wednesday simply because I have the most time that day and am least lazy. This day may change from time to time. Since today is Wednesday, how about I start this today.

I have not touched on To Save a Life since April 11. I told myself, let me finish a chapter of my Fan Fiction first before I shift my focus to something else, I am still working on the Fan Fiction. I have been working on it most days of the week and it is still being written and edited. Simply because I hate bad news myself, I will begin working on To Save a Life again sometime today.

Regarding my The Walking Dead Game Fan Fiction, I have written half of episode 2 chapter 9 which is over 1500 words. I am going to progress through it and update you next week to how far along I am. I want to get organized enough to update it every week or bi-weekly.

Unfortunately, I do have to bump the publication date of To Save a Life back another month because I haven’t worked on it for a month. My bad. I promise that I’ll get my act together.

It’s raining outside and I don’t have a car. I’m too cheap to pay bus fare so it looks like I’ll be walking.

On other news, starting July I will be starting another 31-day writing challenge. If anyone knows a site that offers a 30/31 day challenge let me know. The first time I signed up for Jeff Goins 500 Words Writing Challenge and the second being Sarah Arrows 30 Day Business Blogging Challenge.

Perhaps, this time, I’ll actually follow what they tell me to write in the newsletters they send me. I don’t know yet. So far I’ve been freestyling. What do you think? Should I follow what the guidelines say or do you have a better idea of what I should write? Comment down below.



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