Updates and Announcements 5/18/2016

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Well, I’m the worse ever at keeping my word. Not only was I not able to post new information on To Save a Life, I was not able to produce another chapter to my The Walking Dead Game Fan Fiction. Nevertheless, I’m about to state my excuses.

I’ve been busy. A lot of things happen in one’s lifetime. Newfound problems and newfound focus. Things have been brought to my attention and as a responsible adult, I need to attend to those things. I will not tell you what things I’m dealing with because that is my business.

I will tell you that things will be getting back on track hereafter. Hopefully. I have gotten myself into this mess where I will be critiquing two more chapters of a story titled River Demon by Writing.com user Hope’s Twisted Tales. Read it if Young Adult Fantasy is your thing. It isn’t my cup of tea.

Speaking of Writing.com, one of its members died recently. Her name is Jen and she is only 38. In death, she is leaving behind three children and her fiancée. Her passing saddens me. I didn’t know her and we never exchanged words. What makes me upset is that I knew of her and I didn’t make it my responsibility to get to know her. She suffered from strange back issues and died as a result of it. Because I never bothered to get to know her, I didn’t know this until today. I didn’t pray for her while she was alive and I didn’t speak to her regarding spiritual matters to be sure she is saved. This reminds me of the story that I had written titled Loss of a FamilyIn it, the unnamed protagonist walked for hours and greeted many people. He obviously was suffering from some issues and no one spoke to him until he stopped crying. Even then, no one really cared. Christians aren’t supposed to be like that, I’m not supposed to be apathetic to the feelings and struggles of others. Just goes to show how far I need to go to be a good Christian.

I ask that you pray for the loved ones Jen has left behind. Also, pray for those who knew Jen, pray for those who Jen was important to. There is no reason to pray for the dead because at death is rest. Nothing you say will change whether she is saved or not, that is solely based on her level of faith before death.

I will be praying throughout the week as well. As usual, I will be working on my various projects. Be watching throughout this week because at a time you may not be expecting, something new may be posted.


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