Updates and Announcements 5/25/2016

I almost forgot to stop and write this. I was mesmerized as I worked on To Save a Life. I still haven’t posted what I said I would. It’s coming. I’m just very busy with planning and planning for travel. And also I was offered a job.

This week has been well. I’ve been working on To Save a Life and will continue to work on it once I hit publish on this. I’ve also been working on my The Walking Dead Game Fan Fiction. It is long. I don’t think I will be able to publish this chapter this week. Perhaps the next. And I still need to edit it.

I will be publishing that update on To Save a Life next week. Probably. I only need to edit it.

There are so many projects that I want to work on. So many things that I want to show you. But there is one project, in particular, I am dying to show you. I can’t wait until I get into it. Until I do, read this. Though this is not part of the official story, it still introduces two characters I love.

Have a happy week and be good. Pray often and learn to love one another.


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