Updates and Announcements 6/1/2016

There is a lot of good news that I am glad to share with you. First of all, I love you all. Second, my book is progressing well. Third, I’m writing a short story just for you. Fourth, there is a free webinar series for writers to become successful published writers.

Are you happy that it’s officially summer? Yeah, you are! That is if you’re not a parent. There are many ways to spend your summer. You could go on a vacation. Visit family if they don’t live close by. Earn money by getting a job. Sit home all day and waste your time on video games and anime.

This summer, I’m going to be doing copious amounts of things. Some of those things include getting an actual job. Going to school to further my education. And SPS. What! You don’t know what SPS is? Figures. Well, let me school you. SPS (Self-Publishing Success Summit) is a summit where many successful writers come together to share their secrets to becoming a successful writer for free. Yes, FREE! Free for a limited time. The Summit Kicks off June 12 and ends on the 22nd. Each session will be available to watch free for 48-72 hours after they have ended. It’s a geek fest for writers and I got my ticket.

SPS Summit began last year and I was super geeked about it. If you are a writer or want to become a writer or love learning new things, then this summit if for you.

Enough of me geeking out. Now it’s time to geek out about To Save a Life. I have been working tirelessly on it and it is coming together. It’s getting better and better. As soon as I begin actually writing the book I will begin posting it on Wattpad for all eyes to see. I’ll talk more about that next week.

Speaking of Wattpad, I have been working on this short story. If possible I want to publish it later this week. I will both publish it on this site, on Wattpad, and on FictionPress. I will not tell you what it is about because I don’t want to give it away.

See you all again soon. I love you and I pray you have a wonderful day.


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