Updates and Announcements 6/14/2016

Awesome news, the SPS Summit has kicked off and this year may be even better than the last. However, I won’t be able to make it. In fact, I have exceedingly bad news.
First of all, yay. I begged Chandler Bolt in the comment section to do this every year and he is. Too bad I sold my soul to the devil at the worst possible time. Since last year I’ve been involved with Unnamed Organization. This Unnamed Organization wanted me to move several states to work for them. I said, “Not a problem.” Little did I know Unnamed Organization wanted me to work for them year round and give them full control over my schedule.

While I had days to play around with my writing schedule, now all I have is limited spare time. So until I can get my schedule under control, everything is being paused. I am still writing To Save a Life. I am still working on my Walking Dead Fan Fiction. But this blog is going to be paused temporarily so I can work things out. In three months, I’ll write an update so you know where I am regarding my work and what happens next.

I’m not dropping dead. I will devote some of my time to short stories and contest as to not strangle myself over my mistake. Think of this as an opportunity. This is a chance for me to reevaluate my brand and message. This is a chance for me to plan ahead and study the business more. I’ll even set a date. August 17th I will update you on my situation and add value to you and this brand.

Thank you for your patience. I do intend to enter a few writing contest in h mean time. The stories will be posted here as well as Wattpad. So I’m not simply abandoning you. I’ll see you at another time.


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