Updates and Announcements 8/24/2016

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It’s Wednesday again. Three days since the last Wednesday. Things on my end are going okay. I’m anxious, but I’m keeping my wits about me. So far I’ve accumulated a little over $200. Once I win this bid on a laptop, which I will win, I will try hard to earn enough money for the new author site.

Nevertheless, I’m grieved. No one has pitched in! God and I have been working our butts off to make these things happen. As I told you three days ago, I’m holding you accountable. Now on to other business.

I’ve been playing around on Fiverr and I purchased a couple of things. One of those things is a professional analysis of this site. I suck at managing a website.

Another thing I purchased is a new look. I actually like my current look. With the green hair and white skin. I love those devilish, wild, eyes and that menacing grin. Just looking at it brings a smile to my face. But a lawsuit doesn’t. I can’t put that face on the back of a book, I don’t own the commercial use. So I paid a surgeon to give me a new face. Introducing the new me!


Handsome right? By this time tomorrow, you will see this face on all of my social media. And by this time tomorrow, a brand new laptop will be shipped my way. Well, it was purchased in 2015. Now on to other business.

I have not been updating my blogging challenge. Why? You may ask. Since I am apparently the man with all of the answers, let me answer the question. I’m tired. Simple as that. To earn all of this money, I have been working 11-12hr shift. I am beat. I would be working now if I didn’t have places to be and things to do. I will try to update tomorrow. I would publish one today but I got to get up very early for work. I’ve been at least writing them out whenever I can but it’s a requirement that I make time for prayer and personal study of the Holy Scriptures first. To tell you the truth I can barely make time for that. To put it simply I would love to quit my job and work for you full time.

More updates are on their way. I’ll speak to you soon.


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