Updates and Announcements 8/31/2016

Last week I talked about needing money for hosting. I needed about $300. Well, not anymore.

The hosting plan I wanted to go with apparently sucks. I was going to go with HostGator, but after reading reviews decided to search for another. The hosting company recommended to me is A2 Hosting. After checking and comparing plans I needed roughly $200. Needed meaning I don’t need it anymore. I am happy to tell you my new author website is live, but I refuse to give out the URL.

Though I have bought a domain name and hosting the site is not yet ready. This sucks even for me because the end of the month would be the perfect time to launch it. But blank pages need to be filled, images need to be found, etc. The site will, however, be fully operational in a week or two.

I kind of wish I saved a little more food money, however. Almost all my food is gone and I’m almost broke. I got laid off from work and am struggling with other unexpected problems. But to accommodate my newly found free time, I have set up a new gig on Fiverr. Now I will critique your entire book and give you expert feedback for as low as $30! Now isn’t that a good deal!. Click here to check out my new gig and be sure to share this link with all of your friends.

Last time I told you about an auction I was in. In it, I was bidding on a laptop. I am happy to tell you I am the new owner of a Toshiba laptop. I’m just mortified that I spend $120 to win it but the cost was a little less than $50. With the extra money, I did get me a laptop bag, a couple video games, and some other cool stuff. Trust me, if I could have refunded that money I would have. My stomach would have thanked me.

Now that I am out of work, I have no excuse to why I am not updating my 31 Day Writing Challenge. That is why today I will continue my writing challenge until it’s completion. Watch your inbox because within the next couple of hours you will find an update.

I think that is all I have to say for the moment. Enjoy your day, and enjoy your summer.


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