My Favorite Road Trip

my-ride-1552678The prompt of the day is, “Tell the story of your favorite road trip.”

Simple enough, I don’t have one. This isn’t much of a get out of jail free card if I end up writing this anyway.

I haven’t been on many road trips.

I used to take a road trip five days a week just to go to work. Let’s talk about the one I sort of remember.

Last year, I went to GYC. It was just before I came back to do my January writing challenge. I had to take a bus all the way to Kentucky, seriously. The event was being help in Louisville Kentucky. It was a lot of night lights and walking. I was a bit spiteful about it since I didn’t want to go. But it isn’t a bad place.

The bus I traveled in was full of strangers. So many strangers in fact I could count how many people I knew. And it wasn’t many. I did make a few acquaintances, but no long distance friends. I’m wasn’t very social, still not now.

Sometime ago, I left home for college. I took a train for my very first time to get their. It was a good thing I brought my own food because many passengers complained that the food was expensive. I eventually ran out of food before making it to my destination. I starved myself on the way their. I wish I would remember any details, but I can’t. Well, not ones that I would deem important.

I had made a few mistakes on-route to my destination. The classic getting off at the wrong stop and all that jazz. Everything worked itself out in the end.

After that experience, I came back home and this time I took a bus. I liked the bus. The wifi was more consistent and I got to my destination faster than it took to get their. That was new and almost fun. What I didn’t like, however, is someone spilled their soda and it spilled all over the floor. My backpack was on the floor! Much of the content of my bag was damaged. That was something I had to recover from.

If I needed to travel somewhere again the method I would prefer is plane travel. I have been on a plane once. It took me all the way to Vegas baby. But I didn’t like Las Vegas. What I did love was my apartment. It was like a mini home office. It was grand. I wish I could have taken that room back home with me. What I didn’t like is that I slept in a casino.

Moving on, I have traveled by car. I traveled afar to see my home team lose to the Lakers. Kobe was in his prime then. I also traveled by car to see my mom’s then boyfriend family. I was a child then.

I’ve traveled to the North Pole to discover Santa’s toy factory is invisible. Okay that was a joke. But I have traveled inside my mind and pulled out strange things.

In Washington DC, I seen the Holocaust museum. I got to gaze upon the House of Congress and the White House. I spoke with secret service too, pretty huge guys. They didn’t take kindly to me casually asking them if anyone ever tried breaking into the White House recently. I should have been more subtle in my questioning. In DC there are many trucks with souvenirs and junk. What I didn’t like is that at every truck people sold the same thing!

Once in middle school I had to walk all the way home in the middle of the night. That was an adventure. I should have gotten people fired for that. I was terrified out of my mind. And I swear some guy was following me. Luckily, I found my way. And you’d think I’d be use to this kind of neglect. In preschool they made me walk home after school. I lived like seven blocks away. Anyway, that is all for today.


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