The Orlando Gray was born! The date is hazy, but December 21 became his birthday. His journey began by creating an email address.  His journey as a writer continued when he created an account for My Writer’s Circle. Being in contect with other writer’s compelled him to write. And after less than a month The Orlando Gray vanished. He became another typical story. The story of someone who claims to be writing a book but never followed through.


Months had passed by since anyone has heard the name The Orlando Gray.  But he reemerged back into the writing scene. This time more determined then ever. Something was missing and it was something he couldn’t live without. What he needed to find was found and his confidence as a writer grew.

Unlike the year before he was able to commit to writing. He committed to Jeff Goins 500 words 31 day writing challnge and made it far. His habit was only broken when Jeff introduced him to Chandler Bolt a writer he had never heard of. He later grown to like Chandler Bolt a lot when he introduced a two week summit packed with best-selling Self-Published authors for free. He could have easily have sold tickets to the event and made thousands if not millions. The only thing was he didn’t. He wanted every writer to have a chance to learn and improve. And by God, The Orlando Gray emerged from that summit a new man.

While apart of the sumit The Orlando Gray created Amazing by Being, a forum for writers. Afterwards, he learned a valuable tip from these marketing guru’s. He learnt that to sell boks he need to not write it. He needed to first build an audience of people who will buy his books. Taking these lessons to heart The Orladno Gray began writing Fan Fiction.

While knowing his book reap was going to exceed one or two books he created an author website. Not only did he create an auhor site, he created a Fan Forum.

To be continued…

(Because this story is far from being over.)